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When placing a service call on your product please ensure you provide the proper manufacturer and model of the equipment.  Please call if you have difficulty locating your model number on your machine. Many manufacturers use the same or similar model numbers as others.  Many copiers and Laserprinters will cross-reference from different manufacturers. For example, Sharp ARM355 or ARM455 is equivalent to Imagistics (Pitney Bowes) product IM3511 or IM4511; Samsung SCX-5935FN is equivalent to a Xerox Phaser 3635MFP; and Samsung MultiXpress SCX-6545N/SCX-6555N equivalent to the Xerox Work Centre 4250/4260 imaging unit and toner are not the same, yet fuser assembly are the same. If a machine has a cross reference to another manufacturer it does not mean that they will use the same toner or imaging units.  A clean environment is a good home for all office equipment. Regularly scheduled maintenance is important, like replacing your car oil every 3k to 5k miles, you should have your office equipment serviced 2 to 3 times a year.  We recommend no more than 30k copies or prints in between service. Your monthly copy/print volume is a big factor in determining how often you need to service your equipment. Used good quality paper. Protect your office equipment with a surge protector to prolong life of electronics. We also recommend a key operator for large companies to maintain daily production activities.

Making Copies: 

Typical copy procedures require you to interface directly with your product. It is highly recommended that you get acquainted with and understand all of the options and features on your copier by reading the operators manual. It is important to maintain/clean your copy board glass with Isopropyl Alcohol and dust off the Automatic Document Feeder with canned air.  We recommend using HP 20/24Lbs paper or a good quality paper from Georgia Pacific. Purchasing low quality paper results in excessive paper dust that will build up throughout your copy machine or Laser printer, Excessive paper dust causes false reading on photo-interrupter sensors. Excessive paper dust affects copy quality issues on drum assemblies, toner cartridge or mechanical components. If a paper jam occurs, don’t panic and simply follow the instructions on how to clear the jam. 

Making Prints:

Print tasks are performed via serial, parallel, USB or Ethernet port (cable) interface, which attaches directly to your computer regardless of the operating systems. From all interfaces listed above the Ethernet interface will require network procedures. Completing communications between your computer and printer requires a  “driver” specific to your printer. Drivers are software applications that enable your computer and printer or MFP to understand communicate with ech each other. Make sure you always match the manufacturer’s printer model product with the computer operating system. We recommend downloading the printer drivers directly from the manufacturer website (Brother drivers from the Brother website,  Canon from Canon, HP from HP, and so forth.) As always, we recommend that the end user reads the operator manual prior to installing your printer. There are several types of drivers PCL (Printer Command Language) for both Mac and Windows base computer systems industry standard, PS drivers (PostScript) mainly use for graphic output. There are few more types of drivers available in a sence they serve the same purpose of bydirectional communications, with advance technology some computer programs need specific drivers to print.        

Error Code Messages:

All products have a failsafe mechanism. Error messages will appear if there is a malfunction with your product, that’s when a failsafe protocol is initiated. The message typically appears in your control panel or in your computer copy/printer driver. Always see your key operator for questions or call for service, if necessary. The beginning of winter season has the tendency of creating lots of static electricity we recommend using some sort static eliminator to spray in your home or office to protect your office equipment. To learn more about static electricity follow link We provide support and service for all products sold by Office Imaging Systems and/or other suppliers.
Copier error code Messages & HP error code Messages

Office Jet Printers, Photo-Smart Printers, Ink-jet Printers:

Ink jet printers are serviced in-shop only. Most common failures are scanner failure, ink system failure, carriage failure, and waste ink full. We recommend purchasing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ink cartridges for ink jet printers. Ink cartridges have expiration dates and some are equipt with digital integrated chips. We do not sell ink-jet printers or ink cartridges.

Customer awareness and shared information:

Office security most digital copiers since 2000 were equipped with a hard drive. Any copy, fax, print or scan job is stored in the hard drive, Samsung  and other name manufacturers provide a way to brush clean the hard drive by the end user. Medical and Tax services are very aware of pending security, best policy is to main a secure network and destroy hard drive when replacing machine if information is being stored. News 2018 scan to e-mail return address should be incase with less than and greater than symbols "<example>" <>  for the SMTP reply address to be valid using "SMTP.Office365.COM"  and Windows Outlook. 

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